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You’re welcome! I’m Dennis Kogan and I want to tell you the truth story about our digital team.

Den Kogan

I started my digital career in 2011 at a top 20 bank in my country as a freelance SMM Manager.
2012-2014 — I got targeted expertise and did traffic management for small projects worth $5-10k a month.

In 2015, I realized that social media traffic, social selling strategies, user acquisition are my passion and left it as my core expertise.

2015-2018 — the first team of wide services: funnels, chatbots, google ads. Darkside traffic schemes…
In this time I managed a team of 20 marketers. We did a full range of marketing services, but…

Work in breadth does not equal work in depth, and I wanted to stop this in order to make the client’s results stronger.

Ljt Ads Online Education Case Study
Nice results look like this

I didn’t want to be exclusively a businessman, I’m an artist and creator, I love the strategic management of advertising companies.

So, in 2018 I left the agency I had built from the ground up and with a small team we went our separate ways to undergo a strategic transformation of our skills and values. We stopped working with a large number of small projects and abandoned a wide range of marketing services, leaving only paid traffic on social networks Facebook Instagram and TikTok.

At that moment, we teamed up with the ambitious Dan Mytsyk to change the quality of social PPC marketing services and build the best we can.

Dan Mytsyk
Dan Mytsyk

Our boutique team is only 7 highly qualified remote digital specialists and 11 narrow content and copyright specialists. We are small and proud team of experts.

team digital specialists

From that moment, an amazing new stage of our growth began

Over the last 4 years we have gone from a $10,000 budget to high-end projects with $1,000,000 budgets that we are proud of.

We do our best and increase the profits of client businesses.

We don’t need everyday sales of our services. We take long projects for giving them a stable amount of payback traffic.

Instagram/Facebook Ads Management for VR in 2020


Instagram/Facebook Ads Management for Virtual Reality: 600%+ ROI, $11 millions budget in 3 years

Case Study: eCommerce In Instagram ADS, How To Gain 1200 Leads Per Day On A Budget Of $ 300,000 Per Month

Case Study: eCommerce In Instagram ADS, How To Gain 1200 Leads Per Day On A Budget Of $ 300,000 Per Month

Facebook/Instagram Ads Case Studies: Online Education With A Monthly Budget Of 60 000-100 000$ — An Online School Leader In The Industry

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We’ll not try to sell you what you don’t need to earn extra money. Honesty and transparency for long-term cooperation and mutual trust are our core values.

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