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Hi, I’m the head of LJT Ads — Dennis. This is our Online Education case in Facebook/Instagram Management. We effectively spent more than $1,570,000 on Facebook/Instagram Ads.

Dennis Kogan

Those who are familiar with the online education understand that every month is not stable and at any time advertising can stop paying off. But our team knows how to deliver results, he-he.

I think that 2 years of work on a project is a decent amount of time to write a case.

Let’s go.

At the beginning of 2020, we began to cooperate with a big player in the online education market. It’s pretty to work with leaders.

About the client

Big beauty brand.

Facebook/Instagram Ads case studies: Edtech

Fashion retailer, manufacturer of beauty products. Large chain of beauty studios. Offline and online schools which teach beauty professions.

We’ve worked only with the online direction.

Interesting thing, my wife is a beauty master, so this project fits directly into my life in a mystical way. It’s not a joke, I’m really good at this niche. This knowledge had a positive impact on the overall score, especially in the semantic part of advertising and the processing of the audience’s desires and their problems.

What does the client need?

Traffic for 2 sales funnels of the main product — an online course.

Funnel 1. Auto Webinar.

Funnel 2. Funnel in the forehead — this is the main direction with which we worked.

Funnel 2 — the site directly sold online training for a new profession. Acquisition leaves an application on the website. Sales managers contacted people who left applications, talked in more detail about training and made sales.

What is the secret of sales?
A well-known school, opinion leaders, employment guarantees, a set of cosmetics as a gift, a deadline for a discount and a large number of bonuses.?


Optimization in Ads per Lead. We focused exclusively on ROMI. Convenient analytics through Power BI.

Ljt Ads Online Education Case Study

Lead KPI — $15

ROMI KPI — 250%.

We need to get into the KPI by the cost of a Lead and into the KPI by ROMI.

We analyzed the paybacks in end-to-end analytics, which was already configured by the client.

What was on the project before us

Lead price is 45% higher than KPI.

Low CTR ads – 0.2-0.4%.

ROMI 230%.

The daily budget was $2,000 per day, but the client wanted $10,000 or more.

The client was not satisfied with the agency who worked with them. There were no results and no work in sight. Something was set up once in the Ad account and left, changes were made only once a week.

How the situation has changed

So that the sales department didn’t sit without leads, we needed to start ads ASAP. Therefore, we had 2 days to prepare, instead of the usual 5-7.

We threw all our efforts into this project and we succeeded.


  • 20 banners;
  • 5 texts;
  • 5 videos.

*This is just for start.

And get started!

ljt banner in ads for edtech
One of the best banners in the beginning of the works

Started with a $2,000/daily budget and grew to $5,000/daily in a week.

Over this time, we reduced the cost of a Lead by 65%. ROMI increased from 230% to 290% and we were not going to stop.

Problems we faced

According to analytics, we can analyze and raise the budget, but not everything is so simple.

  • There are advertisements that pay off in a short distance and then stop working.
  • There are advertisements that can withstand a limited amount of the daily budget, and when budget increases, they stop working effectively.
  • There is a super-competitive market where it is already miraculous to stand out with advertising.

However, with our approach, we managed to scale the advertising campaign up to a $10,000 daily budget.

The cost of a Lead was 30% lower than the KPI — this was pleasing.

The average ROMI — 320%.

We could still raise the budget without loss of payback. But, in addition to us, there are also sales managers in the scheme, and their resources are limited. So, we have tried to use them to the maximum.

As a result, the sales department was fully loaded, and as soon as new managers came after the internship, we also loaded them with work.

A couple of our signature secrets

Our entire budget goes to more than one ad.

The leader of the ads is dozens. We grow them one by one. We are constantly preparing new ideas, writing new texts, preparing new banners and videos.

It often happens that the price of the Lead seems to be good, but they do not pay back. Meanings are poorly conveyed to the audience, motivation is poorly formulated.

I know that audience settings are usually blamed for this.

Just change it to a solvent one and everything will be fine.

But this is a superficial decision. This only works occasionally and severely limits the growth potential of an ad campaign.

You need to be able to work with a wide audience. To ensure that advertising pays off. What 90% of experts Can’t Do.

Below are a couple of complex thoughts. These are working approaches without details that provide a result:

1.  The visual genres in advertising are varied at their maximum. We use all available.

  • Video genres.
  • Live videos with people, live videos with processes.
  • Meanings, formulations – 70% of success.
  • There is something downright secret about the newest genres of the Reels format.
  • Static genres.

2. Selection of strong messages and scaling the best ones into other best visual skins.

3. Strengthening messages on leader visuals with personalizations. It already works, why not strengthen it.

4. Audience scaling as part of the payback test. Other audiences may convert to sales better.

5. Texts in 2 major genres: classic with product immersion and storytelling.

6. After that more than 10 different options for text headings.

We always use ad campaigns of this level and advertising of our clients paid off.


More than $1,570,000 effectively spent budget.

Total ROMI: ~340%. Or in a simple X3 from invested in advertising.

Lead cost KPI is 35% lower than the client required.

CTR average 2.7% – before us it was 0.35%.

Instead of conclusions

Something with If:

  • If you have an ambitious and strong product. If your funnel is ready to sell and grow under advertising budgets of $100,000 and higher;
  • If you need those who burn with their work and work for payback.

We have a strong ads team. Our cases confirm this. 

Write to me on Telegram (active link directly to my chat if you are reading from a mobile phone), we will discuss the situation, there are cases on the adjacent pages, I personally had a hand in each of them, as a strategist or senior specialist.

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