380,000 Leads by Instagram and FB Ads in 2 Years for Online Education School

Inst and FB Ads in 2 years for Online Ed School Budget Spent - $3,500,000 Cases

Hi, it’s Dan Mytsyk and Dennis Kogan. This is a story about one good project in the Online  Education.

Ljt teat Ads Management

  • 380,000 Leads with KPI up to $10 per lead.
  • About $3,500,000 budget.

Recipe for success:

  1. Experienced team in Fb/Inst Ads (hi);
  2. A customer with a cool online school in online education;
  3. Top product that really helps the customer.

That's all

That’s all.

– oh, pls, guys, let’s not stuffy speeches.
– OK!


In short, we were contacted by the project manager of the online education school.

— You need to pump one of the new information products on the field of Instagram and Facebook. Keep a test $10,000 budget and do the best you can.

— Say no more.


The sales funnel is clear, payable and well-coordinated on other school products.

  1. Free 7-day course on the basics of the profession.
  2. Sale of the main product worth $1,000 – 2,000.
  3. An impressive volume of additional touches in SMS, mail, calls.

We liked the prospects and we started.

After 3 months, we were already running 4 products of this school, and with $5,000 weekly budget moved to $30,000 per week.

Ljt Ads Management online education

There were mind maps of the pains and needs of the segments, their detailed questionnaires, that is, we were given all the insiders things of the audience.

We studied, took broad segments by interests, triple assemblies, LAL.
Dissegmented by placements and flew off.

Flew so far.

Online education case in Instagram Facebook Ads Management

Generated at the start like this:

  1. Static banner — 15 pcs.
  2. Complicated animation banner — 10 pcs.
  3. Meaningful texts (!), which close objections and work according to desires – 5 pcs.

This is how our folder with new material for the project looks like.
After testing, the visual goes either to the “not entered” or “entered” folder.

banners for facebook/instagram ads management

We have experience, so we quickly got on a horse with a cheap lead inside KPI.

Work progress

We love working on FB/INST with dynamic ads. An assembly of 3-5 texts, 3-8 visuals and went to optimize the combinations with algorithms. Gives consistent results over time. Works fine if the budget allows. And such adsets need a larger budget than ordinary ones.

They worked well for the first month. Just perfect exponential optimization. A lead is 2 times cheaper than KPI.

This strategy was repulsed by FB itself. He started turning down “network marketing” ads and “vague promises” to us. Taking into account the fact that the visual is as correct as possible and the texts too. The fact is that the rejected “dynamic” cannot be revived.

Problems started.

And we started working with standard adsets …

Take a look at one of the rejected ads for yourself.


And the point is not in the text, they just reject it at random, but after manual verification, 95% of them come to life. FB support makes a helpless gesture and does not say anything specific. We are tired of arguing with support, so we decided to silently treat deviations and not to be distracted.

In fact, the aggressive policy of FB in relation to any information business is visible. Which, in general, is not surprising, because 90% of all information products are slag, ha-ha.

The surprise was that this worked rather:

online education case

Than this.

Ljt Ads Online Education Case Study

This is creative outsider.

Visual trends

80% of the tested visual does not work. That’s life.

Analyzing questionnaires, we sometimes catch the motives of those who are suitable for the product. For example, in the “copywriter” course, buyers often wrote that they want to write a book, inspired by writers.

This has become our trend of visual writers. Users can focus this thought and desire on themselves at the stage of touching with advertising. And it works.

Case studies Ljt Ads

We have 5 similar trends on this project. There are general ones that go everywhere, there are private ones, like with writers.

Fight auction for results

The final result “cost per Lead” and “volume of Leads per day” is affected by the auction.
At an expensive auction, all efforts are meaningless.

To win:

  1. Get into the audience visually.
  2. Get a message on the visual in their motive.
  3. Raise awareness of the lead with text.
  4. Do not take too narrow audiences, our segments are always from 1,000,000 people and more.


There is such a strange thing, that some traffic agency says that they make as many leads as possible, because they get paid for Leads. And all the problems with the quality of leads do not concern us.

Following this logic, we should use the most clickbait ads, remove the text, and give “tricks” on the visual.

But that’s not possible.

A cheap lead does nothing on its own.

Payback in Ads

If a cheap Leads is unconscious, they do not understand why they came to the landing, did not formulate a desire, there is no motive. They will not watch the course for all 7 days. They did not see value for themselves in the initial text or message. There was no initial motivational blow.

People in general do not always realize that they need a product, advertising should help focus on personal benefits. Go right through the objections and give the initial kick to the movement.

Imagine that the product has several real audiences of buyers that the marketer sees. They bring money and are questioned. We understand what kind of people they are and try to tune in to them.

But with the built-in analytics, we see how specific segments of targeted audiences bring in payback. And they are slightly different in behavior from the respondents, they show interests in certain places.

Of the 8 audiences that fell into the KPI, we eventually left 4.

Of these, 2 bring the BEST economic result, and 2 are just not bad. Yes, and these are not the most profitable segments for us, we could make Lead cheaper and get more results, but we rely on the final metrics – sales to the segment.

The remaining 4 give inexpensive leads, go through the entire course, even leave applications, but never buy. Maybe they don’t have the money, maybe the product doesn’t suit them.

Now imagine how important analytics is at this stage and screening out ineffective audiences.

Therefore, a leadgen can be responsible for ROMI if it sees sales and can analyze them.

Attached is a review from the owner.


Ljt ads management review


If you are the owner of an online school, a producer, or are looking for partners in this area, contact us using the contacts on the site. We can enter the project for a test budget for 2-3 weeks to show our skills.

We cooperate with online schools, which have successful auto funnels and competitive products. We do not take the first launches with uncertainty in payback. With rare exceptions.

Write to me on Telegram (active link directly to my chat if you are reading from a mobile phone), we will discuss the situation, there are cases on the adjacent pages, I personally had a hand in each of them, as a strategist or senior specialist.

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