Case Studies in eCommerce: 1 Year of Fb/Instagram Ads Management for Jewelry Brand

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Greetings, this is LJT Ads Project Team Leader — Dan Mytsyk.

Dan Mytsyk

I have prepared a jewelry brand promotion case for you, where I will tell you how Instagram/Facebook helped increase sales, and I will also reveal the secret that made it possible to achieve good results. Enjoy the reading!

About the project

Unfortunately, I can’t say the name of the brand because we are still working with the client, but don’t worry — I can tell you all the important things.

*I received permission from the client to write this case studies.

Jewelry brand is a love story between silver and fire enamel. Their artisans have combined precious metal and melted glass and put some warmth and tenderness into each piece.

Their fundamental principle and guarantee of quality is dedication and passion for creating beautiful things. Each piece can be proudly proclaimed as unique and one of its kind. Explanation to this is natural origins of material and manufacturing technology based on 100% handmade production.

Our task was to beautifully present an expensive jewelry brand in Facebook/Instagram. Show the audience the uniqueness of the brand’s jewelry.

Case studies media buying in FacebookInstagram Ads for jewelry brand

Retail shops placed in Spain, France, Poland, Estonia, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the time of the beginning of our work with clients, 80% of sales were through stores, 20% through the website. The client wanted the main sales to be from the site.

Goals and tasks

Here is the result that the client wanted to get with Fb/Inst ads:

«Our goal for 2021 is to increase sales through stores by 60%, through the website by 80%. »

Advertising budget in 2020 – $50,000.
Advertising budget in 2021 – $125,000.

Total revenue in 2020 – $465,000.

Plan for 2021 – $1,250,000.

*This revenue includes only sales through advertising.

The requirements were quite clear 🙂

Media plan

We prepared a media plan for the client before the start of work. Agreed distribution of the advertising budget.

media budget planning for facebook and instagram

The main budget was allocated to attract customers to stores located in 8 European countries.
Acquisition on the site and Instagram acc was for the purpose of online sales. Through the site, we sold throughout Europe and in the USA.

It is important to pay attention to remarketing. The minimum budget was allocated for it, but at the same time, we expected the highest ROMI from remarketing.
For remarketing, we developed a traffic funnel in several stages. Results in the end were really great.

Advertising preparation

1) Audience Segments


— Women 25-55 were divided into 2 groups:

  • Buy for themselves;
  • Buy as a gift.

— Men 30-50 who buy as a gift.


Women 25-55 were divided into 2 groups:

  • Locals;
  • Tourists.

people living in this location and traveller


— Jewelry; Shopping and fashion; Fashion jewelry;

— Lal 1% from the audience involved in Inst and Fb;

— Lal 10% from the “Purchase”.

2) How we analyzed the audience 

We sent the client a pre-prepared document for the analysis of the audience.

After filling out the document, we analyzed it.

Based on the analysis of information received from the client, as well as immersion in a niche, segments of the audience were identified.

3) Dealing with customer objections

Main objections:

– lack of warranty;

– high price of the product;

– no trust;

– authenticity.

To know what to focus on in advertisements, the main objections of the target audience were identified.

Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

Performed a pixel test. Before us there were only PageView events on the site.
Prepared events installation task of all the necessary events for the sales funnel:

  • PageView;
  • AddToCart;
  • ViewContent;
  • Purchase.

facebook pixel helper

To the “ViewContent” we added dynamic parameters for dynamic remarketing.
Also a value was added to the “Purchase” event so that we can see ROAS in the Ads.

Added Google Analytics too. For tracked all indicators and evaluated the effectiveness of advertising.


At the beginning there were prepared:

18 texts;

65 banners;

25 videos for Feed and Stories.

In a test ad campaign, we used Dynamic Creatives.

In total, there were more than 300 ads in the work.

Case studies FacebookInstagram Management for jewelry brand

Creation of UTM

We use dynamic UTM tags. Thanks to the correct naming of advertising campaigns in analytics, we can easily see which campaign, which ad group and which ad showed results.

UTM look like this:


Daily report

Every day we filled out a report so that the client could control the process of the advertising campaign.
We monitor the advertising campaign every day.

If something stops working, stops paying off, then we quickly make decisions.
Once a week, we conduct a full analysis of the advertising campaign and check its payback. And we build an action plan to improve it if necessary.
Every month we prepare a report for the client in a text document, where we summarize the results of the month, summarize, and show the work plan for the next month.


These are the results of our work with the jewelry brand in 2021.

results of facebook and instagram ads in 2021

In the advertising account, we saw the payback only for acquisition and remarketing to the site.

For the website AQ we used AddToCart optimization. At the initial stage, we tested and optimizing for AddToCart showed a payback better than Purchase. Later we repeated the tests, and the results did not change. It was decided to work in acquisition with AddToCart optimization.

In the acquisition on the local shops, we used a lead generation scheme. We invited people on a tour of our store to learn about the history of the brand and show our jewelry. And also, everyone who signed up for an excursion from advertising received a bonus. Here you can see the results.

Ads on jewerly stores in Europe

Sales in Direct Instagram and in stores were calculated by the client.
We kept a daily report. Two lines with sales in stores and in direct Instagram were filled in by the client.

For all this time we:

  • Prepared 165 banners.
  • Our copywriters wrote 46 texts.
  • Video designers made 25 video banners.
  • We have developed 2 remarketing schemes. The first scheme for stores included one step of remarketing, since the main target audience is tourists and they mostly stay in the city for up to 7 days. The second scheme — for site visitors and Instagram account, which included 2 stages and 3 cycles in each.

remarketing results in jewerly ads facebook instagram

  • We have increased LTV. By focused on repeat sales and showed our customers advertising of new collections and special offers.

Plans for further work

We continue to cooperate with the client.

In 2022, the client plans to open new stores, and we are already preparing an advertising campaign for them.

New goals for revenue growth and a budget plan for Facebook/Instagram Ads in 2022 – $ 220,000 are set.

For our part, we are constantly working to improve the results. Testing new content and improving remarketing.

The client is completely satisfied with our work.

Instead of conclusions

If you have an ambitious and strong product. If your funnel is ready to sell and grow under advertising budgets of $10,000 and higher,

If you need those who burn with their work and work for payback.

We have a strong ads traffic team. Our cases confirm this. 


Write to me on Telegram (active link directly to my chat if you are reading from a mobile phone), we will discuss the situation, there are cases on the adjacent pages, I personally had a hand in each of them, as a strategist or senior specialist.

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