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We’re a Global Instagram Ads management team. Our performance marketing based and orientated only on growth of your main business goal: money income.  We’ll help you gain leading role in Instagram Ads channel. We’ll do 5x more sales with performance marketing strategies, highly-targeted, expertly-managed Instagram Ads campaigns.

LJT Instagram Advertising Management

If you need:

  • Lead flow to your business;
  • Increase Advertising ROI;
  • Scale Instagram Ads companies.

We’ll deal with it.

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Hi, my name is Den Kogan and I am the Project Team Leader of Instagram Ads Management Services.

Den Kogan

Since 2015, I have personally managed more than 150 Instagram Ads campaigns and have come up with the perfect combination of actions that always leads to Revenue-Boosting Results. Today my team manage campaigns on behalf of 14 clients from around the world, looking after everything from strategy through to implementation, optimization, and reporting.

With over $10m of managed ad spend and 14 profitable clients, LJT ADS is a boutique media buying team. We prefer long-term cooperation, increase our expertise in the project, and increase the client’s profit.

On average, each of our projects works with us for more than one year because we give real results. We increase profits and do everything to make advertising pay off. There are no people in our team with less than 3 years of experience in successful Instagram Ads media buying, so you can be sure that your project will be in good hands.

We Achieve Real, Measurable Results with Instagram Ads Management

Read it first before a taking a decision.

Tell me personally in Telegram about your Instagram Ads situation and together we will decide how we can help you improve your business goals. If I can’t help or it’s out of our expertise, I’ll be honest about it because I value both your and our time.

Instagram Ads Campaigns with Revenue-Boosting Results

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500-million daily users. Social media platform with the highest engagement rate in ads, perfect and high-technological ad algorithm. That’s why Instagram Ads can be one of the best types of PPC advertising.

Our team makes Instagram ad campaigns that pay off. To do this, we have professional designers, copywriters, analysts, and media buyers.

With the help of Instagram advertising, we will help you achieve your business goals. We can increase your brand awareness, attract new subscribers, organize the flow of leads, increase sales through the site, and increase your income and ROAS.

Our goal is to increase the profit of your business with Instagram ads.

How We Manage Your Instagram Ads and Get the Best Results for Your Business

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Customized Instagram Ads Strategy

We will create a custom Instagram ad strategy for your business. We will select user interaction schemes and types of advertising suitable for selling your product. We will select the most liquid audiences that will pay off best.

We will definitely study the product in depth and build a value communication strategy to work out the objections of potential customers so that they can get awesome experience from advertising and can really want the product.

Existing Campaign Audit and Optimisation

Let’s find growth points in current advertising campaigns. Update communication, refresh content. We will fix bugs for better performance of advertisements. We’ll take a deep dive into your campaign performance to figure out what’s working, what’s not, and how we can give your campaigns the boost they need.

Precise Audience Targeting

You don’t need all customers. We’ll laser-target your ads at your ideal customers using Instagram’s extensive targeting options, helping you reach the exact audience you want to engage or sell to.

Instagram Ads Design

We will produce live video stories that will sell with their simplicity and sincerity. We use inspiring lifestyle images. We design professional eye-catching stunning banners that stop people scrolling. We might create unique graphics that showcase your brand or your products.

Tracking Instagram Ads Performance

We give you daily operation reports of our work and transparent monthly reports that show you campaign results and what we’re doing. It is clear and easy to make a decision.

If you have a project on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and TikTok Ads, you can communicate us for Telegram.

Or take a free audit of existing ad companies.

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We’ll not try to sell you what you don’t need to earn extra money. Honesty and transparency for long-term cooperation and mutual trust are our core values.

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