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Hi. Our main services are pay-per-click marketing: Facebook Ads management and Instagram Ads Management. We help E-commerce, B2B, and education businesses gain up to 10X FASTER GROWTH! Our effective ad spends between $10,000/Mo - $400,000/Mo. results of facebook and instagram ads in 2021

Case Studies and Results

Case Studies: Premium Real Estate, Instagram and FB Ads Management, Results of Selling New Flats Worth $700,000+
HI! I’m Dennis Kogan, Project Team Leader of Instagram/Facebook Ads Management Services.
FB and Instagram Ads Services For Business
Case: eCommerce on Instagram
Case Study: eCommerce in Instagram ADS, How to Gain 1,200 Leads Per Day on a Budget of $300,000 Per Month
Hi there, it’s Dennis Kogan and this is a fresh wow-case of our traffic team. I want to tell you how
FB and Instagram Ads Services For Business
Case Online education
Facebook/Instagram Ads Case Studies: Online Education with a Monthly Budget of $60,000-100,000 — An Online School Leader in the Industry
Hi, I’m the head of LJT Ads — Dennis. This is our Online Education case in Facebook/Instagram Management.
FB and Instagram Ads Services For Business
Case virtual reality
Instagram/Facebook Ads Management for Virtual Reality: 600%+ ROI, $11 Million Budget in 3 Years
Hi, it’s Dennis Kogan. I want to tell you about the project with which we have been working for more
FB and Instagram Ads Services For Business
Inst and FB Ads in 2 years for Online Ed School Budget Spent - $3,500,000
380,000 Leads by Instagram and FB Ads in 2 Years for Online Education School
Hi, it’s Dan Mytsyk and Dennis Kogan. This is a story about one good project in the Online  Education.
FB and Instagram Ads Services For Business
Case: Online Education Lead generation with ROMI 575% on Auto web
Lead Generation on Investing School — Case Study in Online Education with Facebook/Instagram ADS: The Stock Market, Rev: $7,85m, ROMI 575%
Hi, it’s Denis. Are there any industries in Facebook/Instagram Ads now tougher than investing in the
FB and Instagram Ads Services For Business
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